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Risk Management

Basement Slab Vapor Barrier

Basement slabs are made of concrete, which can wick up water via capillary action. If water moves through the slab, it can do some serious damage. Prevent water intrusion through the slab by following several important rules. more

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Greener Building

Optimum Value Engineering

OVE techniques streamline framing and reduce the amount of wood wasted in construction. OVE also increases the energy efficiency of the home, since greater spacing between framing members and the elimination of excess framing allows more insulation to be added. more

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People & Process

Building Homes that Perform to Customer Expectations

Homebuyers have definite expectations about how a home should be built and how it should perform now and in the future. Let’s look at a slice of what buyers expect and what builders can do to achieve good home performance. more

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